Why I Only Need Three Palettes

and why you too only need three..

I have to conquer my demons and admit, every time a new surge of palettes hit the stand I’m fawning and foaming at the mouth at the thought of the newbies on the market. I don’t know if it’s the idea of something new or simply the idea of something I don’t have. On the other hand, no matter what color you paint either of those ideas there isn’t enough paint in the world for me to justify having a boat load of palettes. Especially when half of them will be swatched and never worn while the other half will be brushed to the side after a single one color use.

“If it doesn’t measure up to this golden rule, then I keep it moving.”

I wear the same eye shadow colors every time I wear makeup; and those colors are primarily blue, brown, purple, orange and red in various hues and finishes. So when a new palette comes out I cheek to see if those colors are featured throughout the palette. This helps me keep the amount of palettes I purchase to a minimum because if it doesn’t measure up to this golden rule, then I keep it moving. I often find that only 1-3 of my preferred colors out of 12-20 are actually in palettes that I’m interested in. Based on that statement alone, I wouldn’t even be using a third of any given palette-a complete waste of money. Which brings me to the first of my palette trio..

Profusion Siennas Palette: I love his palette because it’s super affordable. I snagged mines at Ross for $7.99 and it’s dusky romantic colors remind me of a lot of the higher end palettes with the same color theme. This palette is my true stomping ground when it comes to creating one shadow looks, transition shades, inner corner and brow highlight shades. You could definitely take this on a trip with you an not worry about having all you need because the color combos for any occasion are endless with Siennas. I create work day, natural, neutral and dramatic looks all with the same palette. I never need to reach for a second or third palette to complete these looks. It’s a full look in itself and also the complimentary base for the other palettes in my palette trio.

Rimmel London Magnifeyes Electric Violet Palette: A purple girls dream come true thanks to this true to name palette. The colors are very rich and honestly, a bit more than metallic. They’re actually electric and I thought it was unique coming from the drugstore. You see this kind payoff, consistency and quality in higher end palettes like the Kevyn Aucoin Pro Electropop palette. This palette was a no brainier for me because I love purple with my skin tone and dark eyes, we all have heard what magic purple works for brown eyes and I can’t deny it. I got my palette at Walmart for $7.97. Again the price range is super affordable but I truly believe the quality is that of palettes in the high-end range.

Makeup Revolution Foil Frenzy-Fuion Palette: I saved the best for last. This palette brings all the glitz and glam, the bang and sha-bops. If you were ever looking for a party for your eyes, something to step you right up out of your comfort zone or just to spice up your date night beauty routine; this palette has you covered. The formula is very wet and creamy so you can wear it alone or it works amazingly as a cream base for shimmer or highlight shades. The tones are rich and pigmented on one swipe and honestly it screams fall but can put in work for other seasons as well, if paired with coherent shades. This beauty is available at Ulta for $7.99

Here’s my round up, three beautiful affordable palettes that I’ll be using well into next year. Having a trio of palettes to cut down over purchasing and allowing more wiggle room for using what you actually have on hand is something everyone can utilize. Just customize the tones and finishes to your liking to build your own trio collection. I find that with my current trio all of my bases are covered. I challenge you to de-clutter your eye shadow palette collection and use my trio method to see what you come out with.

P.S. Should you ever find yourself craving a color that isn’t in your trio, I recommend single shadows because they’re more affordable vs entire palettes and you have exactly what you wanted; nothing more and nothing less.

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